Genesis - HighSpeed

Genesis HighSpeed Data Acquisition System

Genesis HighSpeed Data Acquisition System

Genesis HighSpeed Transient Recorder & Data Acquisition System

Genesis HighSpeed is the modular platform for fast measurements of electrical and mechanical parameters. A transient recorder, data recorder, and data acquisition system – all in one. Thanks to its modular architecture it is equipped for any high-speed measurement task. Build your own configuration consisting of a mainframe, data acquisition card, and Perception software.

Also available: Devices with signal conditioning for all commonly used sensors and fibre optical isolated digitizers for signal acquisition, even in the high-voltage range.


  • Choose from 7 different mainframes
  • With or without integrated PC
  • Windows or Linux based
  • Multi-Mainframe capabilities
  • Optical Master / Slave
  • PTPv2 and IRIG synching


  • Sample rates from 20 kS/s to 250 MS/s
  • Isolated digitzers with 25 or 100 MS/s
  • 14 to 24 bit resolution
  • Continuous streaming to PC with 200 MB/s per mainframe
  • Data compression during transfer for further speed increase
  • Local storage with up to 400 MB/s per mainframe
  • Continuous recording or triggered sweeps – up to 200 per second


  • Stand alone operation without PC connected
  • Linux based OS in tethered acquisition units
  • Local SSD RAIDs for storage without network
  • Safe recovery of data after power loss
  • Reliable hardware triggers per channel
  • Optional optical interfaces for data, synch, and trigger to eliminate noise issues

Combine a mainframe, the input boards which fit best, and Perception software. Or integrate the Genesis hardware into your own software.

Versatile Applications


  • Functional Test and error analysis of on-board electronics
  • Rocket motor tests
  • Satellite tests
  • Wind tunnel tests
  • Detection of lightning strikes
  • Chicken gun test

Energy / High-Voltage

  • Circuit breaker and switchgear testing
  • Lightning impulse analysis
  • Switching impulse analysis
  • Analysis of transient recovery voltage (TRV)
  • Fuse test

Material Testing

  • Drop tests
  • Impact tests
  • Split Hopkinson bar tests
  • Crash test
  • Explosion and ballistic tests


  • Management on injection systems
  • Analysis on ignition coils

Electric Drives & Generators

  • Power and efficiency of electric drives
  • Vibration analysis
  • Grid measurements


  • Preventive maintenance and inspection
  • Previsions according to maintenance plan
  • Troubleshooting

How to Interface with Genesis HighSpeed and/or Perception

Would you like to use Perception software and/or the Genesis HighSpeed Data Acquisition System for your own specific needs? No problem! You can integrate them into your specific environment and use them exactly the way you want by selecting one of the many different interfacing options.


GEN2i – 2-Slot Integrated Mainframe

GEN3i – 3-Slot Integrated Mainframe

GEN7i – 7-Slot Integrated Mainframe

GEN2tB – 2-Slot Portable Mainframe

GEN3t – 3-Slot Portable Mainframe

GEN7tA – 7-Slot Desktop/Rackmount Mainframe

GEN17tA – 17-Slot Desktop/Rackmount Mainframe

Acquisition Cards

GN3210 – 32-Channel Basic/IEPE Input Card, 250 kS/s

GN3211 – 32-Channel Basic Input Card, 20 kS/s

GN816 – 8-Channel Basic/IEPE ISO Input Card, 200 kS/s

GN815 – 8-Channel Basic/IEPE ISO Input Card, 2 MS/s

GN611B – 6-Channel Isolated 1 kV Input Card, 200 kS/s

GN610B – 6-Channel Isolated 1 kV Input Card, 2 MS/s

GN1640B – 16-Channel Universal Input Card, 500 kS/s

GN840B – 8-Channel Universal Input Card, 500 kS/s

GN8101B – 8-Channel High Speed Input Card, 250 MS/s

GN8102B – 8-Channel High Speed Input Card, 100 MS/s

GN8103B – 8-Channel High Speed Input Card, 25 MS/s