Genesis - HighSpeed

GEN17tA Transient Recorder and Data Acquisition System

GEN17tA Transient Recorder and Data Acquisition System

High channel count data acquisition system

GEN17tA is a robust rack mount transient recorder and data acquisition system (DAQ) and part of the proven Genesis HighSpeed series data acquisition systems. It offers 17 slots for GEN DAQ acquisition cards and accepts any mix of them. The DAQ system is configured and controlled using Perception software. This combination results in a sophisticated instrument for ultra-fast recording, analysis and reporting.

The 1 Gbit Ethernet interface can stream recorded data directly to the PC at a rate of 100 MB/s. The optional 1 Gbit Optical Ethernet allows for isolated control of the mainframe and for cable lengths up to 10 km (6.2 mi) while maintaining full streaming performance. For higher streaming rates of 400 MB/s, a 10 Gbit electrical or optical Ethernet option is available. When more reliable or distributed storage of recorded data is required the GEN17tA mainframe supports an optional, removable Solid State Disk (SSD) or it can store recorded data directly on a Network Attached Storage (NAS) device.

Full transparent time and trigger synchronization on multiple Genesis HighSpeed DAQ systems can be achieved by using the standard optical Master/Slave synchronization connector. To synchronize the absolute time to non Genesis High Speed systems, GEN17tA supports PTP (Precision Time Protocol) and optional IRIG A and B or GPS.