Genesis - HighSpeed

GEN3i High Speed Portable Data Recorder

GEN3i High Speed Portable Data Recorder

HighSpeed Data Recorder: Powerful, Portable and Fast

The portable GEN3i data recorder offers a virtually unlimited range of application possibilities. It is ideal for mobile use thanks to its compact dimensions, whether it is troubleshooting, maintenance, or commissioning of generators, turbines, or engines. It is also the right instrument for use in the laboratory, in power test stands, or destructive material testing. Benefit from:

  • Incomparably powerful features
  • An exciting innovative touchscreen user interface
  • Both continuous direct-to-disk with up to 200 MB/s as well as fast transient recording
  • Up to 96 input channels, fully configurable to your needs

Simple and easy to use

With GEN3i, you gain total control of your measurement data. You can access all data handling functions with a single touch of the large, intuitive touchscreen. The GUI is simple and easy to understand. GEN3i enables you to start measuring immediately.

Acquire Data

To begin recording, just press the START button. To end it, press STOP. Data recording is that easy with GEN3i!

Shift Through Data

You can shift through your data to inspect or to find areas of interest by just touching the trace and dragging it in any direction.

Zoom Data

Do you want to closely scrutinize a specific section of your recorded data? The GEN3i data recorder gives you an expanded view of your data, in any scale you want. Simply mark an area of interest with your finger on the touchscreen to zoom in.

Browse Different Datasets

To review multiple datasets, the necessary recording controls are easily accessible: Start/Stop and Next/Previous. You can playback your data at multiple speeds in forward or reverse modes.