Optical Strain Sensors

K-OP Configurable Optical Sensors Chain

K-OP Configurable Optical Sensors Chain

K-OP: Optical Sensors Chain for High-Strain Measurements

The K-OP measurement chain is a configurable array of optical FBG (Fiber Bragg Grating) sensors for high- strain applications. This time-saving setup will be shipped pre-configured for easy installation.

A K-OP chain of optical sensors can integrate both, linear strain gauges and rosettes, which measure strain in different points and directions, in a single optical fiber. It meets the requirements of modern materials with particularly high deformations, flexibility, and fatigue.

Sensors are available for gluing as well as welding. In addition, variations for extreme temperature ranges and for compensating the effects of temperature on strain measurements are available.

Example of configured chain:


Accurate measurement on curved surfaces
Long-term stability without drift
Thermal effect accurately compensated
Immunity to all electromagnetic interferences (EMI, RFI, sparks, etc.)
Extended temperature range versions available

Very precise measurement results with long-term stability


Patented sensor design with outstanding bending capability
High resistance to fatigue under high alternating loads
Plastic and stainless steel packing
Resistance to corrosion, even in humid and salty environments

Extremely resilient and suited for laboratory applications


Pre-configured sensor chain, ready-to-install
Light-weight optical fibers and reduced cabling
Simple installation similar to other strain gauges
Fitted for hybrid measurements (optical and conventional) using catman® software
Straightforward and automatic configuration for data acquisition

Universal and easy to use with little installation effort


Components of the K-OP Optical Measurement Chain

OL Optical Strain Gauge

OL-LT Optical Strain Gauge with Extended Temperature Range

OL-W Optical Weldable Strain Gauge

OR Optical Strain Rosette

OR-W Optical Weldable Strain Rosette

OTC Optical Temperature Compensation Sensor