Strain Gauges

TT-3/100 Temperature Sensor

TT-3/100 Temperature Sensor

TT-3/100: Sensor for Measuring Temperature

The TT-3/100 strain gauge can be used to measure temperature. It has the appearance of a conventional metal strain gauge and is installed in the same easy and flexible way; however, it can also be installed on curved surfaces. Another plus of the TT-3/100 is its short response time to temperature variations. Processing of TT-3/100 temperature data requires a measurement instrument, for example, a measuring amplifier that enables resistors to be recorded as well.


  • Handling similar to conventional metal strain gauges
  • Installation possible on curved surfaces

Easy connection to the test specimen due to its small size

Short response time

  • Temperature range: -50 °C to +180 °C [-58 °F to + 356 °F]

Very short response time to temperature variations

High transmission performance

  • 5 µm-thin nickel measuring grid
  • Integrated solder tabs

Minimum influence on the measuring object