TEDS - Plug & Measure

TEDS Modules

TEDS Modules

Plug and Measure with an electronic data sheet in the transducer

At the heart of transducer identification is the TEDS module. It can be incorporated into the housings, cables or connectors of different kinds of transducers. It contains an electronic data sheet which lets you set up the measuring amplifier automatically.

Plug and Measure is to measurement technology what Plug and Play is to PCs in general – the technology that lets you just plug in and get started. The characteristics of a transducer are stored inside it in the form of an electronic data sheet. The amplifier can import this data. It then converts it automatically into the right settings and gets on with measuring straight away, in the correct units, with no further effort on your part.

Measured values in 18 seconds*
(*typical setup time)
* Plug in the cable
* Import the TEDS data … with the touch of a button
* Optional: Set zero balance and/or filter …
* Measurement result

IEEE 1451.4 – the TEDS standard
* The contents and data format of the TEDS memory comply with international standards and are not specific to a particular manufacturer
* TEDS can be applied to transducers operating on different principles
* HBM and other leading manufacturers of transducers and amplifiers contributed to the standard