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TEDS Dongle

TEDS Dongle

TEDSdongle – For your own applications: Dongle for writing your own data to TEDS

With TEDS electronic data sheets, the plug-and-play principle familiar from PC technology makes its debut in lab and production measurement technology. The most important characteristics are stored in the transducer for TEDS and can be read by the connected amplifier, which can then automatically adjust its settings to the connected transducer.

Writing your own data to TEDS modules

The TEDSdongle is now available for writing and reading your own data to and from TEDS modules. The TEDSdongle is simply connected to a standard Windows PC via the USB connection. TEDS modules and sensors can be connected directly to the dongle with no need for any other adapter through five standardized connecting sockets and terminals. The TEDSdongle supports not only one-wire sensors, it also automatically supports transducers running with zero wire technology. The free TEDS editor software included with delivery allows for convenient operation and parameterization.

Ideal for service and maintenance

Existing TEDS templates can also be edited with the dongle and can easily be copied to new sensors or archived on a computer for security and documentation. Also ideal for service and maintenance: This archiving option also makes it possible to replace existing transducers quickly. Then the saved data can be written back to the new transducers with just a few clicks of the mouse. This helps minimize machine downtimes in production. Existing measurement setups or production systems can also easily be fitted later.

Full support of IEEE 1451.4 standard

The TEDSdongle and TEDS editor support the IEEE 1451.4 standard, which ensures that the content and data format of TEDS memory is standardized worldwide and manufacturer-independently. It is also possible to write and read to and from TEDS modules of other manufacturers.

Economical solution

The TEDSdongle is an extremely economical solution that allows you to work flexibly with TEDS in your application. Savings in cost and time and reliable measured values are guaranteed.