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SomatXR MX840B-R Ultra Rugged Universal Amplifier

SomatXR MX840B-R Ultra Rugged Universal Amplifier

Measuring amplifier for universal application

Whatever you want to measure, the MX840B-R universal amplifier offers eight channels to which you can connect over 16 different transducer technologies. That makes MX840B-R the perfect solution for varying measurement tasks that require the use of many different transducers. With the universal inputs you are equipped for any application.

MX840B-R has a maximum sample rate of 40 kS/s per channel and can acquire data from the following transducer types:

  • Voltage (± 100mV, ± 10V, ± 60V)
  • Standardized current (±20 mA)
  • Full-bridge or half-bridge circuit strain gauges
  • Inductive full and half bridges, LVDT
  • Potentiometric transducers
  • Current-fed piezoelectric transducers (IEPE, ICP®)
  • Piezoresistive full bridge
  • Resistance thermometers (PT100, PT1000)
  • Ohmic resistor
  • Channels five to eight, in addition: frequency, pulse counter, rotary encoder, torque, SSI
  • Channel 1, in addition: CAN bus