SomatXR: Rugged/Mobile with Web Interface

SomatXR CX27C-R Ultra-Ruggedized Gateway Interface

SomatXR CX27C-R Ultra-Ruggedized Gateway Interface

SomatXR CX27C-R: Parallel Data Analysis and Automation via EtherCAT® and PROFINET IRT

The SomatXR CX27C-R Industrial Ethernet gateway enables the integration of up to 199 signals from up to 24 SomatXR modules into a measurement chain, which can also be simultaneously acquired in real time. It is, therefore, perfectly suitable for both simple and complex development test benches with high demands on ruggedness, such as engine or powertrain test stands.

Owing to its Industrial Ethernet interface, the said module allows real-time cycle times of few milliseconds, even with distributed measurements. In addition, the CX27C-R supports parallel data streaming via Ethernet TCP/IP. When combined with the catman data acquisition (DAQ) software, the data collected can be viewed, analyzed, and recorded at sample rates of up to 100 kS/s per channel, without affecting the real-time automation tasks performed via EtherCAT® or PROFINET IRT.

Easy integration of all the SomatXR modules into a wide range of measurement environments is possible due to the variety of synchronization options available, such as EtherCAT™, PTPv2, IRIG-B, and NTP. Moreover, the automapping function ensures maximum convenience in the application. The module automatically configures individual channels.


Extreme durability

  • IP65/IP67 degree of protection (dust and water)
  • Reliable even in the event of continuous vibration loading up to 10 g
  • Shockproof up to 75 g
  • Usable over a broad temperature range of -40 °C to +80 °C

For tough applications, for example, in powertrain test benches



High flexibility

  • All typical signals and sensors can be acquired using one system
  • Real-time cycle times of few milliseconds
  • Output in EtherCAT® or PROFINET IRT with parallel Ethernet operation

For real-time applications owing to easy integration into the test bench


Fast configuration

  • Automatic configuration due to automapping
  • Multiple synchronization options
  • TEDS support
  • Free and easy-to-use configuration software

Convenient system integration owing to automapping and TEDS


CX27C-R Industrial Ethernet gateway for test bench integration

  • Output of up to 199 signals in EtherCAT or PROFINET IRT
  • Parallel connection to the measurement software on the PC
  • Real-time cycle times of few milliseconds, even with distributed measurements