Signal Conditioning

SI-USB4 4-Channel USB Interface Module

SI-USB4 4-Channel USB Interface Module

Sensor to USB Output Converter

The interface module SI-USB4 is connected between sensor and PC. In this way, analog sensor signals will be digitized with up to 16 bit resolution. By the measuring rate of 5000 measurements/s per measuring channel, high-dynamic measurements can be achieved. The measured values are transferred to a PC via the USB interface and visualized by means of software. If a control signal is integrated in the sensor, an automatic adjustment can be carried out and checked at any time (measuring chain monitoring).

  • Fast measurement of up to 5000 meas./s per measuring channel
  • Input ranges for mV/V, V and mA
  • Input ranges for linear potentiometer, temperature probe PT100 and quadrature encoder
  • Input ranges combinable with one another
  • Digitally switchable analogue input filter
  • Full synchronization of all measuring channels
  • Adjustment and control signal activation via software
  • Shunt Cal