Strain Gauges

Showa Solder Terminals & Adhesives

Showa Solder Terminals & Adhesives


The terminals are placed between strain gauge lead and the heavier leads required for the run to measuring or recording instruments to protect strain gauge leads from disconnections or inferior insulation which are likely to take place during strain gauge installation and measurement.

1. Small size
2. Easy to solder because the Terminals are tin-plated
3. Very flexible – capable of bonding to flat, spherical or angled surfaces
4. Soldering Heat Resistivity:102 to 2×102 seconds at 230?
5. Insulation:1×102 to 1×104 MOhm
6. Adhering Force:140 to 220kPa


To obtain the best possible results from measurements, it is important that care and attention is given to the selection of the strain gauges which are most suitable for the application. At the same time, selection among two basic types of adhesive, epoxy resin and pressure sensitive adhesive (Cyanoacrylate Series), is also important.

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