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Scout55 Mobile Amplifier in Desktop Housing

Scout55 Mobile Amplifier in Desktop Housing

SCOUT55 Carrier Frequency Amplifier: Compact and Easy-to-Handle

The SCOUT55 mobile carrier frequency amplifier is suited for use in a wide range of servicing and calibration tasks in the test shop. The dust-protected housing not only makes the amplifier easy to transport, but it also features a carrying handle that can, additionally, serve as a stand. SCOUT55 processes the signals of force, pressure, displacement, and torque transducers as well as load cells based on various technologies.

SCOUT55 has a parameter memory for storage of up to eight data sets (formulations), two peak-value memories, and four limit value switches. The output of the measured data can be accessed through the freely scalable analog output, the RS232 serial interface, and the optional RS485 interface. Its easy-to-read, red LED display and robust membrane keypad make the SCOUT55 the ideal measuring amplifier for mobile use in industrial environments.

  • Accuracy class: 0.1
  • Interfaces: RS232; optionally RS485
  • Degree of protection: IP51 (front)

Optimum Results

  • 4.8 kHz carrier frequency amplifier for strain gauges in half- and full-bridge configurations, inductive half and full-bridges, LVDT, as well as piezoresistive and potentiometric transducers
  • Accurate measurement attributed to the 0.1 accuracy class
  • Large bandwidth of up to 1 kHz
  • High signal quality resulting from the use of carrier-frequency technology
  • High electromagnetic compatibility

Accurate measurement results due to carrier-frequency technology and a good EMC stability

Great Versatility

  • Integrated parameter memory for up to eight parameter sets (formulations)
  • Freely scalable analog output on the front (±10 V, ±20 mA, 4–20 mA)
  • Ideal for servicing and monitoring tasks with two peak-value memories and four limit value switches
  • Versions available with RS232 or RS485 device interface including software
  • Password-protected setup menu in five languages for device parameterization

Wide field of applications due to parameter memory and four limit value switches

Safe Use

  • Portable housing with carrying handle that also serves as a stand
  • Easy-to-read, 10-digit, red LED display
  • Intuitive control through robust membrane keypad with seven button elements
  • Integrated diagnostics, error, and alarm signals

Reliable use in industrial applications due to alarm signals and an easy-to-read LED display