Strain Gauges

PU140 Polyurethane Lacquer

PU140 Polyurethane Lacquer

PU140: Covering Material for Strain Gauges — Polyurethane Lacquer

PU140 is an easy-to-apply, one-component covering material that ensures strain gauge protection. The polyurethane lacquer is applied to the measuring point with a brush integrated into the bottle’s screw cap and cures very quickly at room temperature.

PU140 immaculately protects the strain gauge from chemical and physical impacts. It is resistant to chemicals and solvents, such as ethanol, oil, or diesel (However, it is not resistant to most organic solvents and chlorinated hydrocarbons). PU140 protects the strain gauges from moisture, humidity, condensation, salty atmospheres, tropical climates, oils, and lubricants. After curing, PU140 also provides mechanical protection.

In many applications, the use of a combination of multiple covers is recommended to achieve optimal measuring point protection. With PU140, please note that the product must not be used in combination with NG150 covering material.

  • PU140: Polyurethane lacquer covering material for strain gauges
  • Temperature range: –40°C to +140°C (–40°F to +284°F).
  • Cures at room temperature
  • 1-PU140: 3 bottles, each with approximately 30 ml, sufficient for approximately 35 strain gauges*

*The specified quantities are intended for reference only, since covering material consumption depends, among other things, on the size of the strain gauges that are used.