Strain Gauges for Stress Analysis

Pre-Wired Strain Gauges

Pre-Wired Strain Gauges

Prewired Strain Gauges: Configurable and Ready to be Installed

With HBM’s prewired strain gauges, installation becomes significantly easier and the reliability of measurements is increased. Designed for a faster installation, our prewired gauges comply with the current RoHS requirements. Their temperature resistance is up to 150 °C due to new TPE wires.

HBM’s prewired strain gauges are freely configurable and available with different options:

  • Temperature compensation for most materials
  • Cable length from 0.5 m to 10 m (RJ11 connectors upon request)
  • Grid length from 0.6 mm to 10 mm
  • Gauges with 3- and 4-wire configurations

Special requirements

Do you have special requirements that are not met by any strain gauge from our standard range of products? Are you looking for a strain gauge that is equivalent to the product you currently use? Have you designed your own strain gauge? Contact us.