Tilt Sensors & Inclinometers

P-Series Inclinometer

P-Series Inclinometer

The P-Series of conductive inclinometers offers modern technology in an environmentally protected and robust aluminium housing in IP class 65. The inclinometer achieves high accuracy over a wide temperature range. All P-type inclinometers are microprocessor controlled transducers capable of producing a linearized RS-232 digital and analog voltage +/-1.5V or current output 4…20 mA signal. The inclinometers are an ideal choice for a variety of industrial, automotive and aerospace applications.



  • Single or Dual axis inclinometer
  • Measurement range +/-5°,+/-15° or +/- 45°
  • Digital and analogue output signal



  • High resolution
  • Robust metal housing
  • High accuracy
  • Rugged M9 female connector
  • Programmable zero point, baud rate
  • Easy mounting



  • Building control
  • Road construction machines
  • Weighing systems
  • Mobile and stationary cranes
  • Hydraulic leveling
  • Platform leveling
  • Drilling machines