OptiMet: Optical Strain Gauge Chain

OptiMet-PKF Ruggedized Optical Fiber Chain

OptiMet-PKF Ruggedized Optical Fiber Chain

OptiMet-PKF for outdoor use

The OptiMet-PKF is a singlemode optical fiber with high performance ORMOCER® coating with an additional peek layer for ruggedized operation. The coatings ensure optimal strain transmission both to traction and compression directions.

It has 13 fiber Bragg gratings equally spaced by 60 cm for multipoint strain measurements. With an outstanding bending capability, it can be installed with bending radii up to 10 mm.

The OptiMet-PKF is delivered connected to a 1.5m pigtail with 3 mm buffer and an FC/APC connector. Options with only 2 or 4 FBGs are also available as OptiMet-PKF 2 & 4.

The robust OptiMet-PKF is also available in versions with temperature compensation at one (OptiMet-PKF-OTC1) or two (OptiMet-PKF-OTC2) freely selectable measuring positions in the strain gauge chain. This enables thermal influences on the measuring point to be systematically eliminated so that the remaining strain signal is purely mechanical.