Strain Gauges for Stress Analysis

M Series Strain Gauges for High Alternating Loads

M Series Strain Gauges for High Alternating Loads

M series strain gauges are foil strain gauges for stress analysis of materials with high fatigue strength such as fiber composites. They can also be used in product development, for example in the aerospace or sporting goods industries.

In addition, M series strain gauges offer a very large temperature range. Due to their excellent fatigue life, M series strain gauges enable measurements to be repeated extremely frequently, also in case of high strain. Properties such as different geometries, resistance values, and measuring grid lengths can be combined to configure the ideal strain gauge—over 36 preferential strain gauges are available for immediate delivery.

  • Temperature range: -200 to +300 °C
  • Load cycles: Up to 10 million at +/- 2000 µm/m fatigue loading
  • Measuring grid lengths: 1.5 to 6 millimeters

We offer you foil strain gauges in various geometries and sizes, each available with temperature responses adapted to the following materials:

  • Ferritic steel (10.8 ppm/K; 6.0 ppm/°F); temperature matching codes: 1
  • Aluminum (23 ppm/K; 12.8 ppm/°F); temperature matching codes: 3
  • Austenitic steel (16 ppm/K, 8.9 ppm/°F); temperature matching codes: 5
  • Silica/composite (0,5 ppm/K; 0.3 ppm/°F); temperature matching codes: 6
  • Titanium and gray cast iron (9 ppm/K; 5.0 ppm/°F); temperature matching codes: 7
  • Plastic (65 ppm/K; 36.1 ppm/°F); temperature matching codes: 8
  • Molybdenum (5.4 ppm/K; 3.0 ppm/°F); temperature matching codes: 9

Insert the temperature matching code in place of the placeholder “x” to get the ordering number of the strain gage you need.

Strain gauges available in 350 and 1,000 Ohms

Measuring grid consists of special nickel-chromium alloy, measuring grid carrier is made of glass-fiber reinforced phenolic resin

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