Signal Conditioning

LVM-110 Voltage Module

LVM-110 Voltage Module

The LVM-110 is a full-featured LVDT/RVDT signal conditioner that offers excellent performance on a budget. Operating on either a ±12 or ±15VDC supply voltage, the LVM-110 delivers a full range of selectable unipolar and bipolar, low noise DC voltage outputs. Designed to be compatible with most LVDT and RVDT transducers, the LVM-110 will operate with 5 and 6 electrical connection devices.

This versatility is due to the wide variety of selectable excitation frequencies, and a generous excitation drive current of 20mA, allowing operation with transducer input  impedances as low as 150 Ohms. The master/slave function (DIP switch selectable) allows synchronization of multiple conditioners to prevent beat frequencies and cross talk between transducers. The need for phase correction adjustment is eliminated thanks to demodulation synchronized to the sum of the LVDT/RVDT outputs.

The LVM-110 is designed for easy installation, plugged into a backplane-type connector, or with individual wires connected to the screw terminal barrier strip. Measuring less than 2.5×2.5 inches, it can be mounted or stacked using the permanently attached threaded standoffs, or card-edge guides. All selectable operating parameters are easily accessed via two DIP switches, simplifying the gain, frequency and output setup procedure.



  • Low cost OEM signal conditioner
  • Very compact, open PC board design
  • Multiple unipolar and bipolar output options
  • DIP switch selectable gain and excitation
  • 2.5, 5, 8 and 10kHz excitation frequencies
  • Zero and span adjustment potentiometers
  • Master/slave capability
  • Card-edge or barrier strip connections
  • Works with very low input impedance LVDTs and RVDTs



  • Low cost/high performance
  • 3-pole Butterworth filter
  • DIP switch selectable gain, output and LVDT excitation frequency
  • 20-turn zero suppression & span potentiometers



  • Position feedback systems
  • High density dimensional gaging
  • Space restrictive installations
  • Testing systems
  • Integration into OEM machines