Tilt Sensors & Inclinometers

LSO Inclinometer

LSO Inclinometer

The Jewell LSO Series fluid damped, flexure suspension, servo inclinometer is a precision internal grade sensing instruments and it is Jewell’s most robust solution designed to meet the needs of a variety of commercial, industrial, and aerospace applications. LSO Series is a fluid damped design. Units are available with a 6-pin connector, or pin-terminals and in ±5V and 4-20mA outputs.


• Extremely high resolution and low hysteresis of less than 0.0005% of full range output.
• Extremely robust designed to withstand shocks in excess of 1500g and vibration of 20 grms.
• Responds to changes of slope as small as 0.000006”/ft.
• High accuracy closed-loop force balanced sensor technology.
• Low white noise spectral density of better than 0.15µV/Sq. Root HZ
• RoHS compliant version available



• Steel Processing
• Continuous Casting
• Electric Arc Furnace
• Idle Control
• Heavy construction
• Paving
• Grading
• Mining
• Tunneling
• Overturn Detection
• Structural Monitoring
• Automated Train Controls
• Rail Leveling and Grinding
• Rail Bed Analysis