Strain Gauges

LS31HT Weldable Strain Gauge for High Temperatures

LS31HT Weldable Strain Gauge for High Temperatures

LS31HT: Weldable Strain Gauge for Rough Environments and High Temperatures

The LS31HT is a weldable strain gauge to be spot welded to steel structures and materials. It is ideal to be used “on site”, when the cleanliness required for gluing cannot be guaranteed, for example on construction sites or in production plants, withstanding hazardous conditions. Such conditions would likely damage the adhesive bond of conventional strain gauges. The LS31 strain gauge is mounted by a simple spot welding process that requires little practice. It is fitted with 0.5-mm stranded connection wires.

Typical applications for LS31HT include the mechanical load analysis on bridges, piles, tunnels, buildings, pipelines, wind power plants, and tanks.

We recommend using the Heller C33 spot welder to install weldable strain gauges.


  • Comes on a carrier plate covered with red silicone rubber to be spot welded

Withstands harsher operating conditions

Simple to install

  • Easily mounted by simple spot welding method that requires hardly any preparation

Long service life with a permanent attachment to the structure


  • Withstands elevated temperatures from -50°C up to +250°C (short time 300°C).
  • 4-wire configuration

Accurate results under harsh conditions or environments