Strain Gauges

LD20 Strain Gauge for High Strain

LD20 Strain Gauge for High Strain

LD20: Strain Gauge for High Strain or Compression up to 10 %

The use of the strain gauge LD20 is recommended wherever an extremely high strain or compression can occur (>5 %). The LD20 has a maximum elongation of +/- 100,000 µm/m (+/-10 %) and is attached with 30 mm leads.

Note: In terms of fatigue life, the LD20 exhibits a lower resistance to alternating loads than standard Y series strain gauges.

Maximum elongation

  • Maximum elongation of +/- 100,000 µm/m (+/-10 %).

Well suited for high strain rate measurements

Easy to install

  • Simple installation process and easy handling

Extremely flexible, as the Y Series universal strain gauges