Tilt Sensors & Inclinometers

LCF-300 Single-Axis Analog Inclinometer

LCF-300 Single-Axis Analog Inclinometer

The Jewell LCF-300 Series flexure suspension servo fluid damped inclinometer is a ±1° to ±90° device designed for applications where high levels of shock and vibration are present. LCF-300 units are characterized by excellent turn on repeatability and very low hysteresis. It is available in three different versions (D, L, or S), varying input and output, and with either a 6 pin connector or a pin-terminal option in order to meet your specific needs.


• Resolution of µrad
• Temperature Compensation Available
• Lower Cost than traditional Force
• ±5V DC, 0-5V DC, and 4-20mA Outputs Available
• Various Input Power Options Available
• RoHS Compliant



• High-precision Geotech
• Oil and Gas, Riser Tilt Monitoring
• Railroad MOW Equipment
• Pavement Profiling Rigs
• Vehicle Wheel Alignment
• Robotics