Tilt Sensors & Inclinometers

LCF-100 Inclinometer

LCF-100 Inclinometer

The Jewell LCF-100 Series Suspension Servo Fluid Damped Inclinometer is a ±1º to ±90º device designed for applications where high levels of shock and vibration are present. LCF units are characterized by excellent turn on repeatability and very low hysteresis.


• Direct Bogie Mount
• 3-30 Hz Bandwidth
• Milli-g Bias & Scale Factor
• High level ±5Vdc Output
• -40°C to +80°C Temp Rating


• Heavy Construction, Grading
• Ship and Barge Leveling
• Deviation Surveys
• Continuous Casting for Steel Industry
• Aircraft Flight Control
• Robot Vertical Referencing
• Auto Manufacturing Suspension Install
• Geophysical Low Range Tilt Sensing
• Platform Orientation
• Dam Sluice Gate Control