Strain Gauges

EP150 Hot-Curing Single Component Adhesive

EP150 Hot-Curing Single Component Adhesive

EP150: Hot-Curing Epoxy Resin Adhesive

EP150 is a hot-curing epoxy resin adhesive. The terms “hot curing” implies that this adhesive can only be used if the test object can be heated to the required temperature (160°C–190°C).

Hot-curing adhesives like EP150 will ultimately contribute to meeting the requirements of greater accuracy. For instance, it can be used in transducer construction and also in some experimental applications. EP150 is suitable for all available types of strain gauges.

Note: EP150 is only suitable for smooth surfaces.

  • Hot-curing adhesive. Curing times with 10 to 50 N/cm2 contact pressure are as follows: 1 hour at 190°C/374°F; 3 hours at 170°C (338°F); and 6 hours at 160°C (320°F).