Tilt Sensors & Inclinometers

eDXI-100 & eDXI-200 Inclinometer

eDXI-100 & eDXI-200 Inclinometer

The Jewell eDXI-100/200 Series is a single or dual digital inclinometer with the convenience of Ethernet output. With its power over ethernet capability, no power source is needed. Simply plug it in to your computer.

With an IP67, RJ45 connector, it is easy to connect to computers and other devices to run automation and networking. The Ethernet connection is compatible with any RJ45 cable and additional industrial and low cost connectors will be available. This sensor also includes a 0.001° resolution and is fluid-damped for high shock and vibration resistance.

The eDXI is a great fit for applications such as radar & antenna control, structural monitoring, linear acceleration & deceleration measuring, automatic train control (ATC, ATP) and platform leveling.



• Digital output
• Resolution 0.001°
• Mechanical Shock 1500g 1msec 1/2 sine
• Industry Standard Ethernet 10 Base T or 100 Base TX (Auto-sensing)
• For use in high shock and vibration environments
• PoE (power over Ethernet)
• Low Noise



• Radar/Antenna Control
• Structural Monitoring
• Linear Acceleration/Deceleration Measuring
• Automatic Train Control (ATC, ATP)