Strain Gauges

EasyOptics module for CatmanAP software

EasyOptics module for CatmanAP software

catman®AP – EasyOptics – Professional data acquisition software using optical strain gauges

HBM’s EasyOptics module for the catman®AP enables you to simultaneously acquire and visualize signals from optical and electrical strain gauges giving critical help when comparing different strain gauge measurements.

With optical sensor technology based on Fiber Bragg gratings the module is ideal, for example, for measurements on fiber-reinforced plastics, in potentially explosive atmospheres and on high-current and high-voltage technology components.

The EasyOptics module complements HBM’s extensive range of experimental stress analysis products. These include optical strain gauges and measurement systems – interrogators – for connecting the strain gauges as well new add-ons to HBM’s catman®AP software.

Key Features
* Parallel recording of data from the interrogator and from conventional strain gauge amplifiers (MGCplus, Spider8)
* Comfortable configuration of the interrogator
* Conversion into strain values
* Real-time temperature compensation
* Graphical display and analysis of measurement values
* Data export into different formats