Tilt Sensors & Inclinometers

DXI-100 & DXI-200 Series Inclinometer

DXI-100 & DXI-200 Series Inclinometer

The Jewell DXI-100/200 Series single or dual digital inclinometer takes Jewell’s highly accurate analog closed-loop sensor technology to the next level. The DXI-100/200 is available with either RS-422 or RS-485 (Standard) digital interfaces. With a variety of options, including metric mounting threads, a flanged base, and CENELEC/AREMA certified, this product is easily customized to suit your specific application.


• Digital output
• Resolution 0.001°
• Mechanical Shock 1500g 1msec ½ sine
• Industry Standard EIA RS485 and EIA RS422 output
• For use in high shock and vibration environments
• High Precision and Performance
• Low Noise



• Radar/Antenna Control
• Structural Monitoring
• Linear Acceleration/Deceleration Measuring
• Automatic Train Position Control
• Seismic Monitoring
• Platform Leveling