Strain Gauges

ABM75 Covering Foil for Strain Gages with Kneading Compound

ABM75 Covering Foil for Strain Gages with Kneading Compound

ABM75: Covering Material for Strain Gauges — Aluminum Foil with Kneading Compound

ABM75 aluminum foil with kneadable putty is an easy-to-use strain gauge covering material. The product consists of a 0.05 mm thick aluminum foil coated with 3 mm thick kneadable putty. ABM75 is simply pressed by hand onto the measuring point.

It is recommended to use ABM75 aluminum foil along with AK22 covering putty in many applications, or even with a third layer of SG250 silicone rubber to achieve optimal measuring point protection.

Especially when various substances can impact the measuring point (e.g. oil and water), it is recommended to use a combination of these covering materials. In these cases, the oil-soluble covering material should be directly applied to the strain gauge, since the aluminum foil serves as a diffusion barrier. The final layer should be an oil-resistant epoxy resin.

ABM75 covering material for strain gauges can be stored at room temperature for approximately 2 years.

  • ABM75: covering material for strain gauges, consisting of aluminum foil and kneading compound
  • Temperature range: -196°C to 75°C (321°F to + 167°F)
  • Application: Pressing on by hand
  • 1-ABM75: 11 pieces, 205 mm + 100 mm (8.07×3.95 in), sufficient for approximately 200 strain gauges*