Tilt Sensors & Inclinometers

AAL Dual Axis Inclinometer

AAL Dual Axis Inclinometer

The AAL-Series conductive inclination sensor offers a full calibrated inclination sensor module on a PCB. The sensor provides voltage output depending on the inclination angle and related to the specific axis, as well as a voltage based temperature output signal. An optional integrated e2-prom contains data on the characteristic curve resp. calibration data.  This allows for a high integration into a specific application with excellent performance regarding accuracy and long-term stability.



  • Dual axis inclinometer
  • Measurement range
  • +/-2 to +/- 30°
  • Analog output signal
  • PCB level
  • High accuracy
  • Temperature compensated
  • High resolution
  • Analog output signal
  • e2-prom on board



  • Building control
  • Weighing systems
  • Truck chassis levelling
  • Mobile and stationary cranes
  • Lift platforms
  • Road construction machines
  • Vehicle applications