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ZZZ – LI66 Strain Gauge for Embedded Applications

ZZZ – LI66 Strain Gauge for Embedded Applications

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LI66: Strain Gauge for Embedded Applications such as Composite Materials

The increased use of fiber composites and the systematic optimization of components presuppose a precise knowledge of the load situation. In many applications, sensor integration is the only way to meet the demand for modern lightweight structures with regard to production control, load monitoring, damage analysis, and generating control signals. The LI66 strain gauge is embedded directly in the structure during the fiber composite production process. This allows measurements in places that are no longer accessible after production.

Convenient connection of the strain gauge after production

The most striking feature of the LI66 SG are the two 15 mm vertically attached contact pins (d = 0.6 mm) for contacting the strain gauge embedded in the material. The measuring leads are only connected to the gold-plated pins after manufacture outside the structure, which makes the handling easier. When the strain gauge is integrated, it is cemented to the material by the matrix resin. The point of the pin concept is that it eliminates the need to embed the measuring leads in the fiber composite as well.

Further information on using the LI66 may be found in our technical article “Structural Integration of Strain Gauges”.

High level of accuracy

  • Sufficiently sensitive to determine cracks in the resin and delamination in the fiber composite
  • Integrated strain relief

High level of measurement accuracy proven by damage analysis

Easy handling

  • Comprises two vertically attached contact gold-plated pins for contact after being embedded in the material (outside the structure)

Easier handling after manufacture

Special layout

  • Measuring grid outside the fibers running around the pin
  • Forces applied to the pin are not transferred to the measuring grid

No need to embed the measuring leads in the fiber composite