ZZZ – EPB-PW Miniature Pressure Transducer

ZZZ – EPB-PW Miniature Pressure Transducer

Note: Model EPB-PW is not currently available.  Datasheet provided for information/reference purposes only.


The EPB-PW pressure transducer is specifically designed for pore water applications in either centrifuges or laboratory equipment. Using either ceramic or bronze sintered filters, the sensor can be used on clay or sand-based materials. Made of titanium, the EPB-PW provides a rugged construction and is not affected by external clamping forces when fitted. Having a miniature design of 6.4 x 11.4mm ensures it is backwards compatible with other older manufacturers’ products. This miniature pressure transducer features an IP68 rating, flexible cable and is available with options such as a PT1000 temperature sensor upon request. The standard version is suitable for many applications, but the dedicated design team at our Transducer Engineering Centre stands ready to provide a custom design as required.

* Miniature Design and Light Weight
* Pressure Range: 1 to 70Bar (15 to 1000psi)
* -40°C to +80°C Operating Temperature Range

Please reference the Application Notes and FAQ found in the Technical Section/Pressure section of our website.