Display & Panel Meters

WTS Wireless Telemetry System

WTS Wireless Telemetry System

Transmitter Module (WTS-AM)

mV/V or voltage input with full 24 bit ADC and up to 18 bit effective resolution at 200 updates/sec.
2.4 GHz frequency with up to 200 meter range
IP65 NEMA4 enclosure (80 x60 x30 mm)
Battery operated (2@AA) with sleep mode
Factory set-up to work properly with your selected load cell(s)

Receiver Module (WTS-BS-1 Handheld)

8 digit display
Fully functional tare capability
200 meter range
Power-off transmitter from receiver enabled
IP65 waterproof enclosure (90 x150 x35 mm)

Base Station: (WTS-BS-3 & WTS-BS-4)

Continuous 5VDC power from USB
200 meter range
IP65 Nema 4 Enclosure (WTS-BS-4)
USB output to PC
Connection from up to any number of Transmitters.
USB Data Logging Software Provided

The WTS (Wireless Telemetry System) provides easy-to-use wireless data communication between a load sensor and a receiving indicator. The WTS-BS receiver is capable of receiving multiple inputs (selectable) from various load cells or torque transducers.

The WTS-AM is fully compatible with all of Interface’s force sensors, and comes direct from our factory setup, calibrated, and tested – ready-to-run.

Using AA batteries, the WTS-AM system can last for up to 3 months* without a battery change.