Low Profile Load Cells

WSSCLC-MOUNT Weighing Assembly

WSSCLC-MOUNT Weighing Assembly

220 lbf to 440.9K lbf ( 100 kg to 200 MT )

The WSSCLC-MOUNT is a complete weighing assembly for use with the WSSCLC range of load cells (see separate data sheet). The weighing assembly facilitates easy mounting for the engineer on site, and incorporates a number of key features that allows the best installed accuracy to be achieved. These include an anti-lift off mechanism, compensation for thermal expansion and for off-axis loading.
Manufactured from stainless steel, the WSSCLC-MOUNT is available in three sizes. The unit is equipped with self load alignment to mitigate against positioning errors and deformation.

  • Stainless steel construction
  • Ensures best installation accuracy is achieved
  • Incorporates a safety retainer to prevent accidental vessel lifting or sliding
  • Available in three sizes
  • Suitable for use with the WSSCLC load cell series
  • When used with Model WSSCLC Load Cell, the system is IP68 rated and good for rugged applications