Linear Position Sensor

WI Inductive Displacement Transducer

WI Inductive Displacement Transducer

WI Displacement Transducers: Exact Displacement Measurements in the Smallest of Spaces; Nominal (Rated) Measuring Range up to 10 mm

The compact displacement transducers of the WI series have been made based on the principle of inductive displacement measurement. They can be utilized wherever precise information regarding displacement is required in an application. That includes test benches, measuring stands, and even manufacturing, which involves joining work pieces.

Owing to their very compact dimensions, WI displacement transducers are compatible with a wide range of applications.

  • Nominal (rated) measuring ranges: 0…2 mm, 0…5 mm, 0…10 mm
  • Measurement principle: Inductive half bridge connected to form a full bridge circuit (80 mV/V)
  • Equipment protection level: IP67
  • Version: Probe

Compact and light-weight

  • Shaft diameter of 8 mm
  • Short overall lengths, between 66 mm and 95 mm (depending on the measuring range)\
  • Ready-made potted cable routing
  • The weight of the entire transducer lies between 12 g and 20 g (depending on the measuring range)
  • The weight of movable parts are between 4.25 g and 5.5 g (depending on the measuring range).

Reliable displacement measurements – can be performed even in tight spaces and with low mounting clearance.


  • The price is attractive, because the sensor is built into the modular system
  • They are available in commonly used measuring ranges
  • The manufacturing processes are optimized.

Optimum price-to-performance ratio

Wide range of utilities

  • Very compact, with low reserved additional space
  • High equipment protection level IP67
  • Rustproof material
  • Low wear
  • Measurement insert per DIN 878 comes with 1/8″ carbide ball screwed on
  • High shock resistance

Suitable for countless applications in displacement measurements.