Linear Position Sensor

WA-T Inductive Displacement Probe

WA-T Inductive Displacement Probe

WA-T: Inductive Displacement Measurements in a Compact Design; Nominal (Rated) Measuring Range up to 100 mm

The technologically sophisticated and proven displacement transducers of the WA-T series in the probe version feature an incredibly short design (in comparison to the measuring range). The compact dimensions of the sensor have been possible through the utilization of an active quarter bridge circuit based on the differential inductor principle. The bridge is also directly integrated in the sensor to create a full bridge circuit for easy connection of the WA-T transducer to the measuring amplifier.

Insensitive to dirt, the WA-T displacement transducers feature rugged mechanics and exhibit significantly stable temperature behavior. This means they can be applied in almost every area of the industry and generate outstanding results in displacement measurements.

  • Nominal (rated) measuring ranges: 0…2 mm, 0…10 mm, 0…20 mm, 0…50 mm, 0…100 mm
  • Measurement principle: an inductive quarter bridge circuit based on the differential inductor principle (completed internally to form a full bridge circuit)
  • Equipment protection level: up to IP67 (depending on the type of connection)
  • Output signal: mV/V; with optional electronics: V

Stable and rugged

  • Ruggedized mechanical construction
  • Insensitive to dirt
  • Equipment protection level up to IP67 depending on the version
  • High resistance to shock and vibrations per DIN EN 60068
  • Typical service life is more than 10,000,000 cycles
  • The carrier frequency is 4.8 kHz, which is insensitive to electrical interference.

Reliable and worry-free measurements over a long period, without any appreciable wear and tear

Numerous variants

  • Available in 5 different measurement ranges, 0…2 mm, 0…10 mm, 0…20 mm, 0…50 mm, 0…100 mm
  • 6 different cable/plug types configurable on the transducer
  • There is Also also an choice option of between free ends or 3 different plugs for connecting to the amplifier or electronics
  • A high-temperature version (up to +150° C) and a low-temperature version (to -–40° C) are also available
  • 0.1 % or 0.2 % non-linearity (can be selected for many types)
  • The electronics can be optionally integrated for output signal in V instead of mV/V
  • Altogether, there are more than 5000 different combinations that are possible.

One displacement transducer, ideally adapted to your individual application due to numerous options and configurations.

WA Selection Assistance

WA-T with probe tip:

  • Ideal in applications for checking parts or objects

WA-L with loose plunger:

  • Ideal for applications in which two parts of a machine need to reference each other