Linear Position Sensor

W1ELA/0 Inductive Displacement Transducer

W1ELA/0 Inductive Displacement Transducer

W1ELA/0 Displacement Transducer: Inductive Displacement Measurement in Machines and Systems; Nominal (Rated) Measuring Range +/– 1 Mm

The extremely compact W1ELA/0 displacement transducer consists almost entirely of just the coil body and plunger. This allows the sensor to be perfectly placed in the relevant machine, system, or test bench. This is further supported by the widely approved temperature range of the sensor from –55° C to +130° C. The W1ELA/0 displacement transducer can be used for reliable acquisition of the nominal (rated) displacement, moving outward from the center position in both directions.

The coil body contains two measuring coils arranged one behind the other, which together form an inductive half bridge. This must be completed in a 4.8 kHz carrier frequency amplifier to form a full bridge circuit.

  • Nominal (rated) measuring range: 0…±1 mm
  • Measurement principle: Inductive half bridge based on the differential inductor principle
  • Nominal (rated) temperature range: –55 °C…+130°C
  • Output signal: ±80 mV/V
  • Carrier frequency: 4.8 kHz

Minimal design

  • Only two basic components: Coil body and plunger
  • Open design: No unnecessary enclosure
  • Half bridge circuit in the transducer; completion to form a full bridge in the amplifier
  • Dimensions of the coil body: Diameter 12 mm x length 20 mm

Space-saving and designed for direct integration

Wide range of uses

  • Large temperature range from –55°C to +130 °C
  • High shock resistance: Coil body up to 500 m/s2, plunger up to 1000 m/s2
  • Low weight: Coil body 11 g, plunger 3 g

Versatile range of applications in machines, systems and test benches


  • Easy to mount by clamping the coil body
  • Fine thread on plunger ensures exact zero point setting
  • Wear-free measurement principle
  • Continuous plunger channel prevents damage due to excess stroke

Practical construction: Easy, rugged, reliable.