Industrial Vibration Sensors

VS-1 Vibration Monitor

VS-1 Vibration Monitor

The Electro-Sensors VS1 Vibration Monitor is a rugged, compact, stand-alone vibration monitor engineered to protect industrial machinery against excessive vibration levels caused by imbalance, misalignment, looseness, or worn bearings. When used to monitor the vibration level, the VS1 facilitates the early detection of a pending malfunction, easing the scheduling demands for preventive maintenance.

The VS1 has three LED indicators that easily allow users to determine the output status as well as the circuit condition by simply looking at the unit. The NPN or relay output can be wired for machine shutdown or early warning. An adjustable alarm delay prevents false trips by allowing the user to set a minimum fault condition time before the output changes state.

Housed in a NEMA 4X enclosure, the VS1 mounts directly to the measurement point of the machine being monitored and its compact size makes intallation possible virtually anywhere. It is ideal for safeguarding fans, blowers, crushers, compressors, chillers, mixers, large motors, gearboxes, turbines, conveyors, pumps, centrifuges, blenders, and reciprocating machines.

* Protect your machinery – Safeguard your operations
* LEDs for at-a-glance output status and circuit condition.
* Compact and rugged enclosure installs virtually anywhere.
* Monitors over- or under-vibration.
* Adjustable alarm delay prevents false shutdowns.
* Failsafe connected output permits alarm and shutdown control logic.
* SPDT relay or NPN output available.