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UDS1000 Reverse Rotation Detector

UDS1000 Reverse Rotation Detector

The UDS1000 Reverse Rotation Detector is a complete system, designed to detect shaft reversal.

During operation, the UDS1000 energizes its 5 Amp DPDT relay when the monitored shaft is either at rest or turning in the desired direction of rotation. The relay contacts can be used to enable the motor starter circuit, or provide a visual indication that the start up or process commencement is possible. When the monitored shaft turns in reverse, or wrong direction, the relay deenergizes, thus preventing the motor or process from starting.

A typical application would be to prevent damage to a pump motor and transmission. In this case the UDS1000 relay contacts are wired to lockout or disable the pump motor circuit while the monitored shaft is turning backward, due to a leaky check valve or other malfunction.

* Relay changes state when shaft direction reverses
* Relay resets when reverse motion stops
* Easy installation and calibration
* Cast aluminum switch housing NEMA 4X, 7 and 9 rated
* 5 Amp DPDT Relay is standard
* Optional explosionproof sensor available
* 115 Vac Standard, 12 Vdc, 24 Vdc, and 230 Vac Optional

Standard System: UDS1000 Reverse Rotation Detector 115vac, 906B Sensor and 255 Pulser Disc.