LAN-XI Input Connector Panels

UA-2114  Dynamic Bridge Transducer Front Panels

UA-2114 Dynamic Bridge Transducer Front Panels

The UA-2114 front panels are specifically designed for use with Kulite Bridge Transducers such as the LQ-080 series and the LQ-125 series used in the aerospace industry for dynamic measurements on aircraft and in wind tunnels.


  • Kulite Bridge Transducers

UA-2114 is supplied from ±5 V and deliver ±5 V excitation voltage to the Kulite transducers. This gives the possibility of DC-coupling of the front panel’s input amplifier, resulting in good noise performance at low frequencies (typically 8 nV/√Hz).

The lower frequency is set by the high-pass filters of the LAN-XI modules. DC-coupling down to zero is possible, but any DC offset from the transducers must be taken into account. A DC offset greater than about 10 mV will force the Dyn-X input into its upper range resulting in loss of dynamic range.

The gain in the front panel amplifier is 30 dB – optimised for the LAN-XI modules.

UA-2114 is only intended for use with bridge transducers and only with transducers powered from UA-2114 itself.


Connector type: LEMO


Front panels   Compatible LAN-XI modules
UA-2114-030 Type 3052-A-030
UA-2114-060 Type 3050-A-060
UA-2114-042 Type 3160-A-042
Type 3050-A-060