LAN-XI Input Connector Panels

UA-2111  Auxiliary Front Panel

UA-2111 Auxiliary Front Panel

The UA-2111 is the default front panel on both LAN-XI Type 3056 auxiliary module. It features 4 x BNC connectors for general sound and vibration measurement and 2 x 10-pin LEMO connectors for 8 channel auxiliary signal inputs.

The auxiliary channels are connected using the auxiliary cable: AO-0738-D-010.


  • Low-frequency auxiliary data
  • General purpose sound and vibration measurements.
  • Angle encoders
  • Direct voltage
  • Generator output
  • CCLD accelerometer
  • Charge accelerometer (using charge adaptor)
  • CCLD microphone
  • CCLD tacho probe

Connector type: BNC

Front panel    Compatible LAN-XI modules
UA-2111-040 Type 3056-A-040