LAN-XI Input Connector Panels

UA-2101  200V Microphone Front Panels

UA-2101 200V Microphone Front Panels

The UA-2101 family is designed to be used in conjunction with microphones that require 200V polarization voltage. It features circular 7-pins (F), LEMO microphone, connectors. Using an adaptor cable (AO-0091) allows for use with a host of other signals and transducers, including direct voltage, CCLD accelerometer, CCLD microphone, CCLD tacho probe and DC responding accelerometers.


  • 200V microphones
  • General purpose sound and vibration measurements
  • Direct Voltage
  • CCLD Accelerometer
  • DC responding accelerometers
  • CCLD Microphone
  • CCLD Tacho Probe

Connector type: LEMO

Front panels    Compatible LAN-XI modules
UA-2101-030 Type 3052-A-030
UA-2101-040 Type 3050-A-040
UA-2101-060 Type 3050-A-060