LAN-XI Input Connector Panels

UA-2100  General Purpose Front Panels

UA-2100 General Purpose Front Panels

The UA-2100 family is the default front panel on 4/6 ch. Input Modules Type 3050, 3-ch. Input Module Type 3052 and Generator, 2/2-ch. Input/Output Module Type 3160-A-022. Industry standard BNC connectors allow easy connection for direct voltage, generator output, CCLD accelerometers, charge accelerometers (using charge adaptor), CCLD microphones, and CCLD tacho probes.


  • General purpose sound and vibration measurements
  • Direct Voltage
  • CCLD Microphone
  • CCLD Accelerometer
  • CCLD Tacho Probe
  • Generator Output

Connector type: BNC

Front panels    Compatible LAN-XI modules
UA-2100-060 Type 3050-A-060
UA-2100-040 Type 3050-A-040
UA-2100-030 Type 3052-A-030
UA-2100-022 Type 3160-A-022