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Types 7830 And 7831  Sound Insulation Measurement Software – Qualifier And Qualifier Light

Types 7830 And 7831 Sound Insulation Measurement Software – Qualifier And Qualifier Light

Qualifier enables viewing, documenting and archiving of airborne, facade and impact sound insulation measurement data. It also displays reverberation measurements as 3D-multispectra, providing a complete overview of the frequency-dependent reverberation curves.


  • Airborne sound insulation post processing
  • Impact sound insulation post processing
  • Reverberation time post processing

Reverberation-time measurements are averaged in two ways: averaging of reverberation times and averaging of decay curves. The reverberation times and reduction curves can be graphically modified in the corresponding displays.

Using Qualifier’s spreadsheet-like data tables, it’s also possible to manually adjust levels and reverberation times used in calculations. With this manual input of data, modifications for walls and rooms can be simulated.

The software provides a flexible reporting system. Based on templates, complete standard-compliant reports can be added to a measurement with a single click. It’s also possible to take selected information, such as a graph, from Qualifier to the clipboard and paste it into custom documents.

Qualifier supports calculation and reporting according to a variety of national and international standards. It presents results in the exact form as on your sound level meter, including selected standard, excluded positions and other setup parameters.


  • Import of measurement data from sound level meter Types 2250 and 2270 through Measurement Partner Suite BZ-5503
  • Calculates sound insulation curves and indexes
  • Edits measurement results, including manual input of data
  • Documentation and reporting facilities


Qualifier Light Type 7831 is a simplified version of the software for reverberation time measurements only.