General-Purpose Sound & Vibration Analyzers

Type 9712-W-FEN  BK Connect Acoustic Camera

Type 9712-W-FEN BK Connect Acoustic Camera

This complete kit uses a hand-held microphone array to identify sound sources by creating noise maps in real-time – over a wide frequency range. The portable array is normally fitted with a tablet computer that shows you the real-time sound map of the area at which you are pointing. It needs minimal training to use, and the user can then quickly locate noise sources, take screenshots, and record video of interesting events and problem areas for further analysis afterwards. Instant playback lets you check that you are recording data correctly while adjusting any necessary settings, such as frequency range.


  • Detection and documentation of buzz, squeak and rattle (BSR) in vehicle cabins
  • Noise source identification (NSI) and troubleshooting in aircraft cabins, cockpits, avionics and cargo bays
  • High‐frequency acoustic leak detection

Because it operates in real-time, the acoustic camera is ideal for mapping moving objects and transient events. You can walk and stream video using a hand-held array, or mount an array on a tripod for stationary measurements. The acoustic camera can measure over a wide frequency range due to the fact that it uses both acoustic beamforming and statistically optimized near-field holography (SONAH) technologies.


This complete system includes a 30-channel, irregular microphone array with a removable backing plate that allows measurements in in either the near or far acoustic field, using both acoustic beamforming and holography. It is relatively small, making it ideal for confined spaces. An integrated video camera feeds live pictures to the real-time display and recording functions. The kit includes a battery-powered LAN-XI data acquisition front-end giving up to 4 hours of battery life, and comes in a weatherproof carrying case.


  • Measures over a wide frequency range using beamforming and SONAH
  • Displays noise maps superimposed on a video or picture
  • Spectrogram for easy location of short acoustical events
  • Up‐and‐running in under 20 seconds
  • Measure and record audio and video for a sound event
  • Display options include graphs of sound pressure, sound intensity and sound power
  • Remote control mode via tablet device
  • Take screenshots using the functionality of a tablet and save and share and like them on Facebook
  • Make, save and review recordings using PULSE Reflex Array Analysis on a PC


  • Further analyse recordings using BK Connect Array Analysis and appropriate noise source location post-processing applications


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