Type 8601-U  Sound Simulation For Simulators – SimSound

Type 8601-U Sound Simulation For Simulators – SimSound

This software can be connected to any driving simulator to provide it with extremely realistic sound that completes the user’s perception of the virtual environment. The software synthesizes the sounds in real-time for the driver’s vehicle, the surrounding traffic and the ambience. Because this NVH simulation responds accurately to the dynamic operations of the vehicle, such as gear shifts, it gives greater context to your simulator. This enhances the authenticity of your car simulator or truck simulator, giving the driver a greater immersion in the simulated reality. This software contains sophisticated audio algorithms developed for Brüel & Kjær’s unique NVH simulator products, which have evolved from decades of dedicated expertise.


  • Driving simulators targeted at vehicle dynamics, such as six-degrees-of-freedom simulators
  • Simulators for human factors engineering, student driver training simulators, operator training, and racing simulators
  • Maximizing the authenticity from the existing speakers in your simulator, for more precise human factors engineering
  • Plugging in advanced acoustic simulation without in-house development

This product is delivered pre-configured and ready to go, with a set of vehicle sounds for interior and traffic noise. The user simply plugs it in, and automated tools measure and apply equalization corrections for each loudspeaker, to correct for the room acoustics. Real-time monitoring of incoming signals and outgoing levels allows optimized fault tracking if the sound output is not as expected. The vehicle sounds can be highly customized to recreate specific vehicles and highly specific auditory cues and sounds.


  • Includes vehicle data sets comprising vehicles of differing types and sound quality
  • Accurate binaural replay via headphones
  • Speaker replay can be configured through a multichannel speaker system including wave field synthesis
  • Software tools allow online, real-time checking of the correct simulation performance
  • Custom network interfaces are available for a wide range of simulators including IPG CarMaker® and Cruden simulator solutions
  • Controller microphone handling allows instructions from the controller to be heard properly by the driver
  • Various speaker setups can be configured to take maximum advantage of the available electroacoustic hardware and/or the existing simulator room environment