Type 8601-T  Vehicle Exterior Sound Simulator

Type 8601-T Vehicle Exterior Sound Simulator

This PULSE software auditions the exterior sounds of real vehicles or virtual vehicle designs, as they drive through highly realistic scenarios. You can programme the vehicle to perform any driving manoeuvre such as moving away from a car park, or accelerating rapidly – in any realistic urban scenario. You can also make the observer follow any trajectory, such as a pedestrian walking across the road. Because the highly accurate sound simulations are presented in these authentic contexts, the software allows effective evaluation of design alternatives.


  • External sound quality assessment for on-brand sound design
  • Designing and evaluating brand-appropriate warning sounds for quiet vehicles including electric vehicles, hybrid vehicles, and range-extended electric vehicles (REEV)
  • Assessing and benchmarking competitor vehicle sound quality
  • Exterior pass-by simulation for internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles

For benchmarking current vehicles and components, the simulator uses data measured on real vehicles. During the development of new vehicles and components, and during human factors engineering, designers can alter the recorded sound using various filters to define a range of alternative sound profiles. Auditioning these alternative design strategies in this exterior sound simulation software allows engineers and non-experts alike to make informed choices.


The software transforms vehicle source strengths into contributions at the observer’s location, taking into account factors such the speed, load and rpm of the target vehicle, the relative speed and heading of the source and observer, the directivity of the source and the head-related transfer functions. This means that effects such as distance attenuation, pan effects, Doppler shift and source attenuation are all included in the synthesized sound, just as they would be experienced by an observer in the real world. Additional environmental sounds such as traffic noise, crossing warnings and other soundscape features can be added to the simulation to make sure that the aural and visual cues are as realistic as possible.


  • Automatic correction for effects like Doppler shift
  • Binaural or 3D sound replay
  • Easy-to-use data preparation tools
  • User-definable traffic sound and behavior
  • Modifies sounds to create potential alternatives
  • Performs controlled jury evaluations for individuals or multiple jurors

This software is a module for our vehicle NVH simulators (Type 8601), which also allow you to drive virtual vehicles and experience their NVH from the inside.