Type 8493  BK Connect Acoustic Camera Applet

Type 8493 BK Connect Acoustic Camera Applet

BK Connect Acoustic Camera Applet is designed to provide a simple measure-and-record solution that acquires data for noise source location applications and creates sound maps of sound intensity and sound pressure overlain with a synchronous video. The applet comprises all the software functionality needed for noise mapping and NSI in one licence.


  • Basic array measurements
  • Product noise source location and troubleshooting
  • Detection and documentation of buzz, squeak and rattle (BSR) in vehicle cabins
  • R&D, quality assurance and troubleshooting for a wide range of industries, such as:
    • Plastics and rubber
    • HVAC
    • Medical devices
    • White goods
  • High‐frequency acoustic leak detection

This set-up uses a hand-held microphone array to create a portable acoustic camera system – a complete kit for real-time noise source identification that needs minimal training to use.  The combination of a hand-held microphone array and applet enables you to quickly locate sound sources, take screenshots and record video of interesting events and problem areas. Instant playback lets you adjust settings on the fly, ensuring that you record data correctly.


The BK Connect interface and product structure was designed throughout the development process with the users’ roles as a central theme. BK Connect applets focus on the operator role, providing easy-to-use one-click interfaces to perform specific, and often repetitive, tasks.


  • Measure and record audio and video for an event
  • Spectrogram yields full overview during measurement and playback
  • Display options include graphs of sound pressure, sound intensity and sound power
  • Measures over wide frequency range using beamforming and SONAH
  • Up‐and‐running in under 20 seconds
  • Remote control mode via tablet device

Adding additional channels or the Data Transfer feature requires upgrading to a full BK Connect licence.


This applet requires a standard Brüel & Kjær array and associated LAN-XI hardware, such as BK Connect Acoustic Camera Type 9712-W-FEN. It is ideal for real-time noise source location and mapping and for fast point-and-shoot results and video recordings – in situ and in confined spaces.
The kit has the following characteristics:

  • A complete system in a weatherproof carry case
  • Integrated video camera
  • A small, hand‐held design for confined spaces
  • Irregular array set-up with a removable backing plate allows both holography and acoustic beamforming in the near or far acoustic field respectively
  • Battery life of up to 4 hours

Because it operates in real-time, the acoustic camera is eminently suitable for mapping objects with moving parts and transient events. You can walk and stream video using a hand-held array, or mount an array on a tripod for stationary measurements. The acoustic camera can measure over a wide frequency range because it uses both acoustic beamforming and statistically optimized near-field holography (SONAH) technologies.