Type 8491-A  BK Connect Hammer Impact Applet

Type 8491-A BK Connect Hammer Impact Applet

BK Connect Hammer Impact Applet is a dedicated tool for characterizing structural properties such as resonances in troubleshooting, benchmarking, design verification, quality control or material testing scenarios using roving or fixed hammer impact testing.

Acquired FRFs can also be exported to BK Connect Modal Analysis Types 8420 and 8420-A for a complete modal analysis on complex structures.




  • Roving impact testing using up to three uniaxial accelerometers (or a single triaxial accelerometer) as reference
  • Fixed impact testing using fixed accelerometers for smaller setups and roving accelerometers for larger setups
  • Measurement of FRFs as input to modal parameter estimation using BK Connect Modal Analysis Types 8420 and 8420‐A



The BK Connect interface and product structure was designed throughout the development process with the users’ roles as a central theme. BK Connect applets focus on the operator role, providing easy-to-use, often one-click, interfaces to perform specific, and often repetitive, tasks



  • Single easy-to-use applet from data acquisition and recording to data management and reporting
  • Measurement of a wide variety of functions, including time signals, auto‐ and cross‐spectra, coherence functions and frequency response functions
  • Interactive graphical interface with front‐end hardware – coloured light rings display channel status of LAN‐XI hardware
  • Integrated transducer manager and database including:
    • Automatic detection and import of data for TEDS‐enabled transducers
    • Quick assignment of non-TEDS transducers by simple drag and drop
  • Automatic calibration signal detection – automatic gain adjustment option
  • Real-time monitor: shows levels and spectra for all active channels
  • Single or random impact techniques with:
    • Intuitive graphical hammer setup and measurement interfaces
    • Voice feedback during hammer setup and measurement
    • Automatic undo of last average in case of double hit, soft hit or unacceptable force level roll‐off
    • Time data recording during measurement
    • Result Matrix tool for easy display, comparison and reporting of results
  • Integrated reporting in the test process using embedded Microsoft® PowerPoint® templates
  • Support of SI and imperial units and acceleration in ‘g’
  • Support of accelerometers, displacement and velocity transducers

Because this is a BK Connect product and the resulting data can be shared with and utilized by full BK Connect systems, you have access to all the standard BK Connect metadata attributes.

This applet can be paired with any single LAN-XI module from the single-channel Type 3161 to the 12-channel Type 3053 or LAN-XI Light Type 3676. Adding additional modules requires upgrading to a full BK Connect licence.

Pairing with LAN‐XI Light creates a complete standalone system ideally suited for impact testing.

If impact testing is to be done simultaneously in more channels than supported by a single LAN‐XI module, you must use the Structural Measurements – Hammer and Shaker Type 8411 application.