Type 8490-B  BK Connect Order Analysis Applet

Type 8490-B BK Connect Order Analysis Applet

BK Connect Order Analysis Applet is a dedicated tool for making order analysis on sound and vibration data, detecting patterns caused by inherent instabilities and imbalances in rotating or reciprocating machines. The software analyses raw time signals that have been recorded using two different styles of analysis in predefined set-ups. The set-ups feature both FFT-based and digitally resampled true order analysis and can be adjusted to accommodate task-specific analysis properties.


  • Investigating reciprocating and rotating machinery such as aircraft and automotive engines, power trains and pumps
  • Vehicle noise, vibration and harshness (NVH) tests such as benchmarking
  • Separating rotational and structural vibration for noise source location in products such as turbines, washing machines and fans
  • Determining critical speeds and resonances during vehicle or engine speed sweeps (run‐up/down)
  • Performing signature analysis of machines such as compressors and electric motors


The BK Connect interface and product structure was designed throughout the development process with the users’ roles as a central theme. BK Connect applets focus on the operator role, providing easy-to-use, often one-click, interfaces to perform specific, and often repetitive, tasks.


  • Order analysis based on frequency domain spectra
  • Microsoft® PowerPoint® reporting and export to Microsoft® Excel®
  • Stationary and non-stationary set-ups
  • Graphical order extraction tool

A complete set of real-time monitors are available along with a simple recorder. Because this is a BK Connect product and the resulting data can be shared with and utilized by full BK Connect systems, you have access to all the standard BK Connect metadata attributes. The Result Matrix is also available for reviewing all the data from the current project or stored in the database.

This applet can be paired with any single LAN-XI module from the single-channel Type 3161 to the 12-channel Type 3053 or LAN-XI Light Type 3676. Adding additional modules requires upgrading to a full BK Connect licence.