Type 8405-D (Replaces Type 8703)  BK Connect Calculation

Type 8405-D (Replaces Type 8703) BK Connect Calculation

Adding the BK Connect Calculation option  to BK Connect Data Processing Type 8403 or BK Connect Data Processing Specialist Type 8404 adds advanced calculation options, while performing fast Fourier transformation (FFT) and overall level analysis. The calculation elements for the process chain are

  • function statistics
  • function operators
  • scaling with unit conversion
  • frequency weighting
  • complex math
  • statistics including max, min and mean
  • function smoothing

These elements can be included in time data processing and function data processing.

The software replays and analyses raw time signals that have been recorded from transducers via data acquisition hardware and a PC. The time data is analyzed as it is replayed. It can perform multiple types of parallel analysis on the same data, such as analysing vibration data at a different bandwidth to acoustic data, using automated batch processing of multiple files.


  • Evaluating maximum vibration of rotating machinery such as gearboxes and bearings
  • Calculating the mean of multiple narrow-band results
  • Calculating free-field sound power of products by summing multiple measurement locations
  • Calculating the vibration daily value (VDV) as part of a human vibration study


BK Connect Calculation option adds advanced analysis capabilities to BK Connect, enabling advanced calculation:

  • Includes standard and complex mathematical operations and statistics in the analysis process, such as real, imaginary, magnitude, phase, conjugate
  • Averaging results for multiple runs in a batch analysis process
  • Batch statistics allows function statistics (min., max., mean and sum) to be calculated on results from different time input regions and can be based on selected metadata, enabling more recordings, from different tests, to be processed simultaneously in one process chain


  • BK Connect Time Data Recorder Type 8402
  • BK Connect Data Processing Type 8403 or BK Connect Data Processing Specialist Type 8404